Yedo Legacy NFT is bringing their Bushido into the Metaverse

Honor, respect, prosperity, some people would say that these things are long gone, but they are back on the scene with Yedo Legacy NFTs. Yedo Legacy is a collection of 4949 e-Samurai NFTs and they are bringing their Bushido into the Metaverse.

We are talking about unique pieces of 3D artwork that will drop on December 27th, 4:00 PM UTC. Yedo Legacy will cost 0,07 ETH each and if you don’t want to miss the drop you can follow them on Twitter, or visit their website. At the end of the article, you will find a little sneak peek for all of you. But now let’s find out more from the creators of this amazing project.

Yedo Legacy really has amazing art that takes you to a world where the future meets the past, who is behind the art of your project and how did it all start?

We are a team of 4 founders, passionate about bridging NFTs with our love for Japanese Anime and Samurai culture. Our backgrounds stretch from Tech and Art to Real Estate and Consulting. We all have an extensive amount of experience in project management and roadmap execution.

We are authentic and pragmatic. We chose to design Samurai because we felt in line with their values, and we truly think that metaverse builders should be aligned with their moral sense. We wanted to combine the ancient and the future. Spreading our Bushido is not a marketing argument, it’s our philosophy.

E-Samurai are not soldiers, they are builders. They will evolve in a Feudal world, the actual metaverse, and will have to fight for this world to become the ideal place everyone imagines.

What amazing things can be done with your Yedo Legacy warriors?

We will create an exclusive space for our e-Samurai holders to reunite themselves with others and organize private events where they will get to know each other and plan their actions in this new land. To support their cause, renowned artists will create unique 1/1 pieces.

To be more precise, here is our roadmap: For now, we are building our community – a family with people that truly shares our values. This is a CC0 project, the art belongs to holders. After building the community, we want to unite it and move beyond a PFP project. Our community is core to our project and will provide real utility in the metaverse. We will buy land in the metaverse and build a Koryu for the community to come together. Every holder will control his/her 3D e-Samurai avatar inside and outside the Koryu. In this place, each clan will have its own space. Depending on the clan, you’ll have access to various privileges, such as specific merch, mystery drops, private clan reunions, and a chat room.

We will eventually bring the community to action. By organizing events combining the metaverse and the real world, we aim to create a huge ecosystem for our e-Samurai. We want to bridge the traditional art community and the NFT community. Online, we will feature a unique art gallery in our Koryu to bring together some of the greatest artists of these two worlds. We plan to host private sales for our holders of 1/1 pieces of art (collabs and exclusive pieces from our collections). Off-line, we would like to collaborate with artists from all industries to create a unique piece. We’ll create partnerships with IRL art galleries to create ephemeral works of art, echoing what’s occurring in our community. Always respecting the art, design, and our history.

The community deserves the best, what are you giving yours?

Our community has given us overwhelming support since the beginning and it means a lot to us. To reward our most loyal e-Samurai we decided to give: 1 FREE NFT to our first 200 holders.

Sneek peek art for our readers!

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