Young Monks

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Feb 03 @

A collection of 999 Young & Notorious Monkeys.

Once upon a time….

“Mama llama,” the mother monkey, was very proud of her babies the ”Young Monks” , Young Monks, gradually grew up and started doing lots and lots of “monk tricks.” Even Mama llama, though a monkey herself,

was finding it difficult to control them and her antics. Young Monks never “listened” to their mother and was always doing some mischief or other.

They would always tell their mom “Cut out the monkey chatter, mom. Let us listen to the sweet voice of the birds, the sound of the wind, the rustling of the trees. I am so happy to be a Monk to enjoy this. Why do you

want to spoil my mood with your chatterbox lectures?” and poor Mama llama had to just “shut up” with a sigh.

However, every night after dinner Mama llama told a bedtime story to the Young Monks . She would always ask them to “pray.” She would say “Monks.. prayers have magical powers to turn impossible into possible.”

Young Monks NFT Roadmap

Phase 01
An addition of $School Token

Phase 02
You will be able to Stake & Lock
your Monk to earn more Passive Income through our $School Token

Phase 03
Mutant Monks
Will be making SERUMS to mutate your Monk

Phase 04
Releasing our New Collection
Dad Monks/Mom Monks

Phase 05
Exclusive DAO for Holders
Will offer free WL Spots to our Holders of other Projects

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